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Getting started in Legion

Which zone should I start with?

With Legion, each zone has its own self-contained storyline so you won’t have to worry about missing out on story elements no matter where you start.you will be following a non-linear path in your quest to reach level cap. The mobs and zone content will scale up with your level,  so you can hit up zones in any order that you’d like. (Though keep in mind that as you approach level 110, the mobs you’ll be engaging will become a little tougher, so approach enemies with caution.)


How do I get to Dalaran in the Broken Isles? (What about Northrend Dalaran?)

If you’ve been playing during the Burning Legion’s invasion of Azeroth, you’ve seen that Khadgar has a quest that leads to a pivotal moment in Dalaran. If you’ve accepted Khadgar’s first quest, there will be a portal to Dalaran in your faction’s capitol.

Once Legion launches, you’ll get a small breadcrumb quest that will give you a Dalaran Hearthstone. This will function  much as a Garrison Hearthstone does now, allowing you to teleport to Legion Dalaran at any time it is up for use.

How do I get from the Broken Isles to the rest of Azeroth?

Essentially you’ll want to use Dalaran as your travel hub. If it doesn’t have a portal link to a place you want to go, it has a link to a place that links to a place you want to go. And since you’ll have a Dalaran hearthstone, you’re still free to set your own hearth anywhere you want in the world — you could set it to Burning Crusade Nagrand if you wanted — and if you have a Garrison Hearthstone, you can easily use it to get to your Garrison and hop over to Ashran to use the portals there.

Can I set my hearthstone to my Class Hall?

No. Your Class Order Hall will have a unique way to get there, depending on what your class is (Warriors can actually jump from selected locations like Dalaran to their base in the Halls of Valor, and these locations are discovered as you adventure through the Broken Isles — I assume other classes have a similar discovery mechanic) and they can travel freely between Dalaran and their Class Order Hall. There is no inn or hearthstone location in your Class Order Hall.

Demon Hunters

What do I need to create a Demon Hunter?

there are two requirements to make a new Demon Hunter. You must have Legion applied to your account and you can only roll a Demon Hunter on a server where you already have a level 70+ character. Note that this is per-realm, not per account. If you have a level 97 Mage (or any other class) on a server, then you’re free to roll a Demon Hunter there. If you don’t have any character above level 69 on a server, you can’t roll a Demon Hunter on that server.

Also, you can only have one Demon Hunter per server.

How long does the Demon Hunter starting event take?

In terms level, it took me to level 100 before I was finished with it — so when you wrap up you’ll be ready to jump right into the Broken Isles. In terms of time, it will take few hours.

Which talents should I choose for my Demon Hunter?

Fortunately, your new Demon Hunter will only have two talents — level 99 and level 100 tiers — so you’ll only have a couple of choices, depending on your specialization (Havoc or Vengeance).

Level Boosts

What happens when I boost a character?

A new level 100 boost experience for players. Unlike the old boost experience, this version actually takes the time to explain your class to you and teach you the basics of playing it at level 100.


What happened to glyphs?

The glyph UI has been removed along with nearly all major and minor glyphs. The only glyphs still in the game are those which were cosmetic only. Cosmetic glyphs are now one-use and are applied directly to the spell they modify.

Where do I get glyphs in Legion?

Many cosmetic glyphs are still made by players with Inscription and can be bought and sold on the auction house. Any glyphs which, prior to the patch, taught you a brand new spell are now tomes located in various places throughout the world.

World Quests

What are world quests?

World quests are the new model for max level questing. Rather than seeking out daily quest hubs, your world map will display the variety of activities available to you. World quests include PVE quests, PVP quests, solo quests, dungeon quests, and more. Rewards include gold, order hall resources, gear, artifact power, honor, and more. You must be max level to unlock this feature.

Where do I get world quests in WoW?

World quests will appear on your world map automatically as soon as you hit level 110. Simply open your map and right click until you can see the zone. You will see icons scattered across the map indicating world quests available to you. Mouse over the icons to get a pop up indicating the quest type and the reward.

If you don’t like any of the quests or the rewards, click on your map to the other zones and mouse over to look at their world quests and rewards.