Here is a combined list of links and resources so that you don’t miss out 😉.


MMO Champion

MMO Champion provides the most timely and comprehensive listing of WoW related news, blue posts, PTR build notes and more.

The great site features Talent Calculators, a Hunter Pet Talent Calculator, an Item Comparison Tool, Forums, and even their own World of Warcraft blog.

ArenaJunkies is the place to go if you’re eager to find ways to step up your arena game or seek answers to PvP related questions.

This site is a gathering place for the WoW elite. If you’re looking for advice on things like shot priorities, stat itemization and finite build specific information, ElitistJerks is the place. The EJ Forums are the authority on leading edge information for all classes.


Mania’s Arcania

This is the blog for all those players out there who love pets. If there is some breaking news or recent discovery concerning World of Warcraft hunter pets, rest assured mania will be all over it.


Warcraft Hunter’s Union

The site contains a wealth of information, including many informative posts, videos and guides that will put you on the fast track to topping damage meters.


WoW Hunter’s Hall

WoW Hunter’s Hall is Frostheim’s community-driven project, which provides hunters with a place to easily view the most recent updates from across the WoW hunter blogosphere. The site features excerpts from the latest posts from some of the top hunter blogs, weekly hunter forum recaps, exclusive articles and more.


This is a beginner’s guide for a New Player…

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