Who We Are

GAME GOLD ME was created to provide World of Warcraft enthusiasts with tools to make their gameplay more enjoyable. This blog showcases our contribution to this wonderful game. We are highly committed to the rules of gameplay and to the gaming community.

We are continuously adding new and exciting information so that you stay ahead in the World of Warcraft. This blog aims to help you grow and improve. Our goal is to provide you with relevant and useful information in every post.



Editor-in-Chief – Juan

I have a great passion for War of Warcraft games since childhood. I have been playing World of Warcraft since launch in 2004. my intent is to share this knowledge and experience I’d gained from playing World of Warcraft.  I am generally highly knowledgeable about all things as they pertain to the World of Warcraft.


Managing Editor – Erika

My goal is to share insight, information, advice, and to provide with skill and experience levels to so that you can take yourself to another level.A much higher level.  My goal is to enhance you with enjoyment and satisfaction of playing the War of Warcraft by offering instruction, tips, and suggestions, which hopefully will add to the WoW huntering experience.


Senior Editor – Yang

What I strive to do is show you the most exciting part of World of Warcraft. My goal is not to dazzle you with calculations and science, but more so to share ideas and tips that will benefit  “YOU”  WoW players out there.